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    Xeral, Megacity

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    Xeral, Megacity Empty Xeral, Megacity

    Post by Chekov on October 28th 2015, 10:02 pm

    Xeral, The Unofficial Capitol of Ulxerion

    The Demographics
    The people of Xeral all appear to be fairly young for their true age. People one-hundred, two-hundred, and even five-hundred years old appear like they're still in their twenties. This is thanks to an ancient technology sealed away by the founders of the city, who were far ahead of their time.

    The odd pacing of technology development has led to a populous in which the grand majority of individuals are imbued with mechanical parts of some sort. An average person is at least 50 percent metal, with many of their organs replaced with synthetics. Some even have their brains stored in a vat of special liquid meant to keep it alive forever, and thus, the people live forever.

    With this near-immortal generation of people has come several problems: overpopulation, riots, dictators, and even the occasional case of everlasting torture. There are secret agendas to rid the city of all but a select group of people, just to solve these problems.  Deportation, martial law, and assassinations are but a few of the plots that these agendas have created, and happen on a regular basis without the public's knowledge.

    The Structures

    The city is absolutely massive, more of a state than a city. It's even divided into provinces, each with an individual presidential dictator. Each province has their own style of building, and while the buildings may look different, their function remains the same. They're made of super-strong aircraft aluminum, fused with magic to make them oblivious to most forces.

    Walls around  the city to protect the city from attack? You've got it. But that doesn't help with the internal affairs. There's crossbows mounted and manned on the wall, but they all point in.

    In the center of the entire city is a fairly small building compared to the rest of the city, but it looks like a Gothic cathedral. This building is heavily fortified with auto-turrets, which shoot any unauthorized people with a coil gun that shoots upwards of 10,000 rounds a minute.

    The building is the Capitol of the city, and is occupied by a Presidential Dictator. (That's right. A dictator elected by the people.) It's design is very bare-bones, with the inside only having a desk in each room.

    The main drive of politicians. Obtaining office is a major money maker, people throw money at politicians left and right in hopes of gaining some power. Often times the people that give politicians aren't just average or rich people, they are drug cartel or mafia leaders. They control the city indirectly through their politicians.
    An average politician can afford a mini-army, and generally has one. Along with their army, they generally have some sort of private lair. They're generally underground, and span several square miles. They'll have the most modern tech melded into their body, without a single care. Even with that tech costing a single middle upper class paycheck, it's just chunk change to them.

    Within their respective territories, the presidents have endless power. They can sentence a man to death, if that's what they wish. They have unlimited access within their respective provinces, so they're welcome to walk in to any private building without being stopped.

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