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    Drisdol, Imperial City

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    Drisdol, Imperial City Empty Drisdol, Imperial City

    Post by Mismith on October 27th 2015, 10:04 pm

    Dristol, The Imperial Capitol

    The Capitol city of Calcia, although not surrounded by walls, is protected by something much more powerful. Hundreds of years ago, the region's strongest wizards, witches, warlocks and spellcasters were gathered by a decree of the king who, by chance had the best intentions for the citizens of the city.  

    They created a magical barrier meant to protect the people, but it came with a price. The barrier turned out to be a wall, not allowing anyone in or out. The only way out for the people of the city is a quest to the top of a spiraled tower in the center of the city, at the peak of the barrier. There sits a pedestal with a small stone that is engraved with the word "Disperse," and if a person utters the word in front of the stone, the barrier will be disabled for a small period of time.

    But whoever manages to get to the stone will have been subjected to the worst tortures, fought the most menacing creatures, and stood on the edge of Death's Cliff. Nobody knows exactly what guards the tower, but stories passed down the generations strike fear in the new generations so strongly that nobody has ever attempted to reach the stone, or at least lived to tell of it.  

    A grand majority of the citizens don't mind being trapped in the city, as the life is peaceful and without conflict. There are a select few, however, that wish to escape from the barrier. They wish to be free in the beautifully vast plains that surround the city, to have the soft blades of grass run through their toes. One question is constantly in the back of their mind: Is there something more?

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