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    Collection of Original Works Empty Collection of Original Works

    Post by Chekov on January 3rd 2016, 2:40 pm

    Being trapped in the city
    Isn't all that bad.
    The people in this tavern,
    My tavern,
    Don't remember freedom.
    My sweet
    Ruinous city I wanted
    To protect.
    The magic of freedom is gone
    Thanks to a select few.
    That tower
    In the center of the city,
    You've seen it, right?
    In the pinnacle
    Is a stone.
    Touch it, and gain freedom.
    Long ago, when freedom was lost
    I saw a man.
    He went in the tower
    And never came back.
    The stone,
    It isn't meant
    To cause death.
    Tell me, would you
    Take that chance,
    To free the city
    From my stone?

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