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    Post by Chekov on November 3rd 2015, 9:56 pm

    First name: Zypher
    Surname: Shinkiro
    Nicknames: "The Silver Wind"
    Alignment: Erratic; Constantly changes
    Race: Elf
    Profession: Nanotech Dev.
    Affiliation: N/A
    Religion: Pastafarianism
    Hometown: Ignatz
    Marital Status: Single
    Gender: Male
    Age: 463 (Appears to be around 16)

    Voice: Deep and resounding, being able to be felt in the body of a person more than 20 feet away
    Eyes: Chartreuse
    Complexion: White, stereotypically Elven
    Height: 6'2"
    Build: 170 lbs, but looks sinewy and 150 lbs
    Hair: Jet black and shiny, unkempt and shoulder length
    Scars: None, physically at least
    Tattoos: N/A

    Demeanor: Zypher is never in one mental state for too long, a week or two at most and he becomes somebody else. One minute he may be the most social man in the bar, the next, walking out because there's too many people. He isn't afflicted with multiple personalities, as he retains memory of all of his experiences and as a general rule of thumb, he never becomes sad, with an underlying happiness to him.

    Hopes: One day he hopes to become stable, like others around him, as well as hoping that his nanotech will revolutionize medical care, including completely mechanizing a body with them.

    Fears: Nanotech used for the wrong purposes is his worst fear. For this reason he fears making any advances public knowledge, and avoids talking of it unless he can provide service to somebody.

    Top: A simple flat black jacket, normally buttoned up to the bottom of his ribcage. It has several hidden pockets, specially made to hold the nanites

    Bottom: Even more simple than his top, Zypher's pants are flat black and lack pockets. His shoes are standard black dress shoes, buffed to the point of being a mirror.

    Reconstructive Nanites: They do exactly what the name says they do. They help any person or creature to heal faster, in about 1/4 of the time on average. Some bodies are more optimized to their programming so the times can range from 1/2 to 1/8 of the time that it would originally take to heal. Despite being designed to heal, the configurement of these can easily be altered to attack the body.

    Construction Nanites: Still highly experimental, the only thing these can make is the XR-66 due to the lack of time invested in them. With a few month's work the process of constructing simple objects, bridges, vehicles, or even buildings that collapse into a pile of dust for easy transportation elsewhere will be extremely optimized. In the distant future, the Reconstructive Nanites may be able to connect these with the central nervous system, allowing for in-field development.

    XR-66: A custom designed autorifle designed by Zypher for himself. After several years of work, he figured out how to program the nanites to form this gun, but hasn't tried to build anything else. It collapses into a harmless pile of dust that gets stored various places in his jacket. It uses bullets consisting of both Construction and Reconstructive Nanites.

    ZR-1: A complete redesign of the XR-66, as completed by Simon. It features an anti-tank cannon shot, heavy machine gun elements, and a function that allows it to shoot fast enough to act similarly to a saw. Also collapses down into dust like it's predecessor. To quote Simon's description of it: "Your gun shall automatically repair itself whenever it is damaged. Not only that but if you hold down the trigger it will charge the gun up into an anti tank cannon shot. If you rapidly pull the trigger instead then it will fire like a fully automatic heavy machine gun, gradually speeding up the longer you are firing the gun so be careful if your accuracy decreases the more you fire the gun"

    As a part of his profession, he has an innate ability to develop and manufacture nano technology. While this is extremely useful, it requires large amounts of time to design/create anything of value.

    On top of his technological abilities, Zypher has developed a signature fighting style that utilizes his nanites to heal after he fights, allowing for movements that would normal destroy a body. Forced dislocation and torn/pulled muscles aren't uncommon, with the tendons, ligaments, and tissues healing in just a few days due to years of optimization for just his body.

    As a result of his meditation, he's learned to control the chakra flow in his body, and can focus all of it at a single point of his body. Depending on this focus, he can create massive destructive or defensive power at that point. He can technically kill himself by gathering and expelling all of his chakra, but the nanites have developed a system in which they store his chakra, to infuse it where he needs.


    *insert several insignificant details here, some of which Zypher is ashamed of*

    A very selfish decision was made shortly after he joined the Ravens to venture off in to the mountains to truly find himself. He meditated for several months, taking only a few breaks during the time. He's reached a stage of enlightenment unbeknownst to all but himself and a select few others. This, in turn, has removed several of is erratic personalities, though he still has a few. At first, he may seem very solemn, and this very well may be true. Thus another chapter of his life begins.

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