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    Post by Mismith on November 1st 2015, 7:54 pm

    Act I. The Profile

    Birth Name: Malachai Yuto

    Name: Khai

    Title: None

    Age: 24

    Race: Human

    Class: Peace Keeper

    Act II. The Diagnostics

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Hair: Black and cut short

    Eyes: Green

    Voice: Loud and affirmative

    Skin: Fairly pale

    Act III. The Armament

    -A Rifle similar to an M14
    -M1911 pistol
    -Medium length steel knife

    -Bullet proof vest
    -Brown Leather jacket to conceal the Bullet proof vest
    -Dark colored jeans

    -A holster for M1911 pistol
    -A sheath for the Knife
    -Small pouch on belt for currency

    Act IV. The Dossier

    Likes: Action, as well as alcohol

    Dislikes: Boredom and the thought of going metal

    Attitude: Enjoys life to the fullest and doesnt want to change, physically or mentally

    Habit/Twitch: Tends to lick his lips often

    Quote: "I wont go metal until i need it, not until i want it"

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